Doina Rotaru’s personal unique style, easy to single out, is based on dealing with archetypal aesthetics, namely by making use of sound and timbre patterns going back to the primary (Romanian and Far Eastern) transgeographical folklore, as well as to certain constructive principles of a symbolic value and function (circular and spiral shapes, sacred numbers, and so on).

Irinel Anghel – composer, performer, musicologist

In my music I have used structural principles of symbolic values and functions – like circular or spiral shapes, sacred numbers and so on. The symbol becomes an idea of composition, and this idea generates the structures, the musical time, the syntax, the architecture and the expressions of the work. I also like to use elements from ancient Romanian traditional music, where almost every sound is enriched with ornaments, glissandi, micro-tones, overtones and, of course, heterophony. The expression of ancient Romanian music is extremely nostalgic, creating a melancholic atmosphere and the feeling of a painful beauty.

Doina Rotaru